Next Generation SCADA - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018

David Brinnen 19.04.2018

Slides available HERE

David Brinnen

David Brinnen

Since completing his Masters studies in Embedded Software at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology 2015 (KTH), David has been working as a software engineer across a range of projects, including the implementation of control logical and the commissioning of Energy Machines integrated energy systems and air handling units (, and the development of a next-generation SCADA platform (ControlMachines™) and simulation software to control, monitor, and model Energy Machines deployments. David has also recently joined VMS Software Inc., focusing primarily in the compiler space (Clang and LLVM) as part of the OpenVMS x86 port, but also working in various other areas ranging from consulting through to the design and development of remote monitoring and SCADA-like solutions. In his spare time David likes to investigate new technologies and develop his skills in software languages and using computers as tools. Besides computing David likes to travel and live the Spanish life with a Swedish touch, or vice versa. David was born in Sweden and currently lives in the Swedish city of Malmö.