Marcel Lanz

Engineer at Heart and Founding Member of the Eigr.io Project

Marcel Lanz is a Systems and Software Architect working at proCentric AG. At heart, he is an engineer and in general curious about how things work. He has been working professionally for over 20 years in different fields like embedded- and realtime-systems as well as with enterprise systems in healthcare, insurance and fintech industries. When he is not exploring all things Go, Erlang and Serverless, Marcel enjoys time with his family.

Past Activities

Marcel Lanz
Code BEAM Europe 2022
20 May 2022
15.20 - 15.45

A Serverless Runtime on the BEAM

Serverless runtimes are often hidden in cloud providers offering and exposed solely by their programming API and deployment procedures. In this talk, we'll explore an open-source Serverless runtime built for the cloud and on-premises, running on the BEAM with a polyglot programming model to build general-purpose applications.


In this talk, we'll present how the BEAM and OTP are an ideal fit to build a Serverless runtime. After an introduction about Serverless and a polyglot programming model, we'll present the open-source project at eigr.io where we implemented the core of our runtime based on Erlang/OTP and written in Elixir.


Individuals interested in Serverless, Distributed State Management and polyglot programming models.