BEAM extreme; don't try this at home!

Who can't use an extra performance boost now than then? This talk collects a set of outrageous stunts and maybe-controversial defying acts I have seen and sometimes made in production, that can give the Erlang Virtual Machine that extra speed or memory edge on different scenarios.

Warning! Don't copy-paste these at home like if they came straight from Stack Overflow, with great power comes great responsibility.


In most cases, clarity of expression should be the principle, but sometimes you are writing a heavily used component that could use a boost of performance. This will teach the audience some controversial tricks that can be used in these edge scenarios.


People who want to know some weird programming hacks to get some performance gains.


Code BEAM SF Profile: Miriam Pena

Article by Miriam Pena

I personally like Erlang because of the short implementation times, I love how easy it is to make concurrent distributed systems and implement communication protocols. It is less verbose than other languages and so less prone to errors. With its stable API, it is also low maintenance and used to resolve challenging problems. The fact that it is in high demand and you often get to work remotely, are a bonus too.