Code BEAM Lite Italy 2019 - slides from the conference


Code BEAM Lite 2019 was on 22 March in Bologna, Italy's food capital! In an encouraging environment, attendees got to grips with key Erlang and Elixir concepts, through eleven carefully selected talks.

The conference was a great success, below we share the slides from all the talks.


Saša Jurić - Such great heights

Davide Bettio - Running Erlang and Elixir on microcontrollers with AtomVM

Tobias Kräntzer - Expecting the Unexpected

Sanne Kalkman - Who Takes Out Your Trash?

Arif Ishaq - Developing desktop GUIs with wxErlang

Ju Liu - Live coding an Escher painting using Scenic

Tiago Duarte - How we scraped and aggregated data from multiple sources using OTP

Luca Dei Zotti - Back to basics: an introduction to Diameter


Tobias Kräntzer - Expecting the Unexpected