Top 10 Elixir conferences in 2018


2018 was an incredible year for sharing knowledge and experience within the Elixir community, and the year has no signs of letting up! Here's a roundup of the exciting events covering Elixir and Phoenix which have caught our eye for the rest of 2018!

Code Elixir LDN

When: Thu 16 Aug 18
Where: London, UK

The UK’s only conference dedicated to the wonders of Elixir and Phoenix, Code Elixir LDN 18 is championing lessons from team successfully using the technology in production. With keynotes from Powell Kinney, chief product owner at Toyota Connected, and Michael Krax, VP of engineering at Qixxit, expect to learn from the people in the know about successful Elixir systems in deployment.

Compose Conf

When: Mon 27 Aug 18
Where: Melbourne, Australia

Compose Conf celebrates the practice and craft of functional programming. A conference for functional programmers, Compose is focused on technologies such as Haskell, Scala, Clojure, OCaml, F#, SML as well as Elixir.

ElixirConf US 2018

When: Tue 04 - Wed 05 Sep 18
Where: Bellevue, WA

ElixirConf® US is the premier US conference for the Elixir community where Elixir developers come together. ElixirConf® is dedicated to advancing the Elixir programming language and the communities and companies surrounding it by bringing together the technically minded to establish relationships for work, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Code BEAM Lite Berlin

When: Fri 12 Oct 18
Where: Berlin, Germany

Get ready for an action-packed, one-day conference, fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies! All this happens in the exciting city of Berlin, home to many startups and a city with amazing creative energy.

The conference is co-organised by Bitcrowd.

Gig City ElixirConf​​​​​​​

When: Fri 26 - Sat 27 Oct 18
Where: Chattanooga, TN

Gig City Elixir is a different kind of programming conference in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. The lineup focuses on sessions that are different from what you're used to seeing, with a variety of talk lengths and formats that will open more learning channels than ever before. Attendees can expect to learn to use functional programming concepts that will make them a better programmer, regardless of the languages and tools they use at work today.

The Big Elixir​​​​​​​

When: Thu 08 - Fri 09 Nov 18
Where: New Orleans, LA

The Big Elixir is a two-day, single-track conference to help developers take their Elixir skills to the next level. Join The Big Elixir on 8-9 November in the heart of The Big Easy as fellow Elixir enthusiasts come together to teach, learn, and explore all things Elixir!

Code Mesh LDN​​​​​​​

When: Thu 08 - Fri 09 Nov 18
Where: London, UK

Code Mesh LDN is a two-day conference, bringing together users and speakers of different functional programming languages and alternative tech. Elixir speakers will join experts in Haskell, F#, Clojure, Erlang, Pony, Raft, PureScript, Eta, Python, and more!

In the spirit of learning from one another, Code Mesh LDN encourages the sharing of innovative ideas, through inspiring projects, top talks, in-depth tutorials and networking opportunities.

Functional Conf​​​​​​​

When: Fri 16 - Mon 19 Nov 18
Where: Bangalore, India

The only Asian entry on this list, Functional Conf is based in Bangalore, India and is designed to bring together the growing community of functional programmers under one roof. Built from an understanding that functional programming is at the heart of every new generation programming technology. Functional Conf recognises a growing number of companies employing functional programming to actuate more effective, robust, and flexible software development.

Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam​​​​​​​

When: Fri 30 Nov 18
Where: Amsterdam, Holland

Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam is about discovering the future of the Erlang and Elixir ecosystems. It brings together developers as a community to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire to invent the future.

This one day conference focuses on real-world applications of Erlang, Elixir and the BEAM - all within the context of high-performance and massively scalable distributed systems.

The conference is co-organised by Botsquad and Kabisa.

Code BEAM Lite Munich​​​​​​​

When: Fri 7 Dec 18
Where: Munich, Germany

Code BEAM Lite Munich, a one day conference, focuses on real-world applications of Erlang, Elixir and the BEAM - all within the context of high-performance and massively scalable distributed systems. Join the fun on 7 December in beautiful and green Munich, a city where innovation and technology accelerate.

Code BEAM Lite Munich includes a free day of training, likely topics covered are; an introduction to Erlang and an introduction to GriSP. The conference is co-organised by Code Sync, Peer Stritzinger GmbH and simplabs.