Fireside chat on code design

Source code is much more than a collection of characters which gets compiled into an executable program. It is the place where developers spend a lot of their working time, extending the existing software, as well as debugging and optimizing it. The vast majority of development takes place on an existing codebase. Frequently a large part of that code is written by other people, some of which are not even a part of the team anymore. It is therefore essential that the code gets organized in a way which allow the developers to be both, efficient and effective. But can this even be done, and if so, how exactly? Come and join us in this session, where we'll explore the challenges of designing a codebase written in BEAM languages, such as Erlang and Elixir.


A brief overview of the aeternity Blockchain - Ulf Wiger Code Mesh LDN 2018

Article by Ulf Wiger

Aeternity blockchain set out to design an open source blockchain system integrating the best innovations in the field. It chose Erlang as the primary implementation language.