How I learned to stop worrying and love Functional Design

Software design is hard but doesn't have to be. Fifteen years ago, my mentor made me realize that maintainable and sustainable design matters immensely. However the amount of principles and best practices one has to know to achieve this is very intimidating. Moreover they tend to be either too vague or way too specific and it requires years and years of practice to get them right. Too often, we end up falling back on "good enough" approaches (which can be pretty limited in the long run) or over-complicated ones resulting from a zealous application of the above guidelines. In fact all these principles and best practices share some common ideas which all together form the fundamental set of guidelines we should all know about to write sustainable code.

In this talk, we'll look at what Functional Design consists of and how it can lead us to techniques to write better software no matter the paradigm you are used to.


Provide a minimal set of the most fundamental software development best practices.


Software developers willing to improve the way they tackle software design and interested by Functional Programming/Design