Lucet: Safe WebAssembly Outside the Browser

Lucet is a new open source tool for compiling, embedding, and running WebAssembly outside the browser. It's made specifically for running untrusted code in a high concurrency and multi-tenant environment. In other words, it's made for taking the serverless model to the edge and beyond. Join Fastly CTO Tyler McMullen in a discussion on how Lucet was built, how it works, and the novel serverless models it's made to enable.


WebAssembly Open source Edge computing


Attendees will learn more about the new open-sourced tool, Lucet (Fastly's native WebAssembly compiler and runtime that was open sourced March 2019), and various passes that happen in a modern compiler, how they're used and why. We'll also discuss the concept of security-by-contract and how it's used in Lucet. To conclude, we may have room to cover user-space context switching, security issues that can't be solved by a solution like Lucet alone, and future ideas for ways that Lucet can get even better.