Moving from Ruby/Rails to Elixir? Convince your boss to send you to Code BEAM Lite Munich!


Starting a project in Elixir/Phoenix is not the huge risk that some developers believe it to be. Risks can be kept to a minimum and maintained within acceptable parameters.

A quick search on the web, finds articles documenting Elixir’s basic implementation, from a Ruby perspective, for example, Leif Gensert, Stuart Eccles and Leigh Halliday. There are also many examples of companies that have made the cross-over to Elixir, in our article companies and start-ups that depend on Elixir in production.

Become an ‘Elixir scout’ at Code BEAM Lite Munich

The benefits of your team using Elixir/Phoenix, will go a long way in deciding  whether the ‘risk’ of the new implementation falls within acceptable parameters and is worth taking. This decision can only be made with the unique knowledge you have of your own team’s systems, structures and communication processes.

In reality, teams and structures change over time, and these risks will always sit somewhere on a scale that will always shift over time. Right now, for example, your team may have no knowledge of Elixir/Phoenix and all systems are working in Ruby/Rails. It may only be reasonable, at this time, to rewrite a microservice, document the process and enable a more informed decision in the future.

Nominate yourself to do this, through attending Code BEAM Lite Munich, you will be able to take onboard the ‘lessons learnt’ by others and gain some valuable contacts to support your team to move forward. As well as this, are 10 interesting talks to choose from. Elixir core team member, Andrea Leopardi’s brief introduction to Elixir's history will be a great talk to start your Elixir exploration. There are also some really interesting Erlang talks too (yes we’ll be looking into the language Elixir runs on as well) including a look at fault tolerance in Erlang by Charlotte Lorelei Oliveira and Devon Estes’ talk exploring memory management in Erlang/Elixir. We’ll also explore the business case, with Jane Walerud’s keynote unlocking the startup potential from an Erlang/Elixir point-of-view.

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Code BEAM Lite Munich, is co-organised by simplabs, who developed their latest project in Elixir. This project was a web application allowing simplabs to measure air quality data, the  server was also written in Elixir/Phoenix. They have made the code open source, potential clients can see just how easy the process of using Elixr is. The result of the project is improved server performance compared to the equivalent in Ruby/Rails, not only because Elixir is faster, but because it enables asynchronistic programming patterns, hard to do in Ruby/Rails.

Learn more about Elixir and Erlang by attending Code BEAM Lite Munich on 7 Dec.

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