Old ideas made new

Languages and ecosystems are more than simply syntax; they're ways of thinking. They have features, idioms, and community standards that drive us towards certain ways of doing things. Erlang is over 30 years old, and has a very mature way of doing things. Elixir came on the scene, bringing with it some new ideas from other ecosystems. We're seeing even more of this with BEAM languages from LFE to Alpaca to Erlog.

Ideas come in and out of fashion. Some of them are lost and aren't given a chance again. But as technology continues to evolve, perhaps there's space for what's old to be made new again! This talk will explore a few idea lost to time that perhaps have their chance to shine again. It asks what could languages would look like if history had gone slightly differently, and what depths we can plumb for the next 30 years and 50 languages on the BEAM.