Podman - Create, Run and Secure Linux Containers

Valentin Rothberg 29.10.2020

Hi! I am Valentin, I work in Red Hat’s container-engines team, and am thrilled to be joining this year's Code Mesh V on 5-6 November.

I had a wonderful experience at last year’s Code Mesh and enjoyed a refreshing diversity in topics, speakers and attendees. I gave ​an introduction to the open-source container tools my team is working on and what the “containers are Linux” philosophy means to us.

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Our approach is to provide small solutions that allow us to innovate in functionality, security and stability at different speeds. This provides a "Swiss Army Knife” approach rather than a one-size-fits-all one. Last year, I ​presented ​four of these Swiss Army knives:


Skopeo​ - specialised in ​distributing​container images

Buildah ​- specialised in ​building​containers images

CRI-O​ - specialised for ​running  HYPERLINK "https://kubernetes.io/" ​Kubernetes​pods and containers

Podman​ - specialised in ​managing images and running containers and pods

At this year’s virtual Code Mesh, I would like to focus on Podman, which is arguably the most feature rich of our knives. It has started as a drop-in replacement for Docker but with security in mind. Podman does not run as a daemon, it supported rootless containers from day one and it allows for a seamless integration into modern Linux systems. It has grown up and there are plenty of useful features to demonstrate.

Over the course of this year, we have been working closely together with the community to introduce a new remote REST API to Podman. The new API allows a smooth transition from Docker and brings Podman to Windows and Mac OS users - a long anticipated feature.

What excites me most about Podman is that it suits developers and administrators alike, and I will show you how. Certainly, expect me to be talking about the new REST API but there are other exciting features and developments:

How can we use Podman to develop for OpenShift and Kubernetes?

How can we debug containers with Podman?

How can we use Podman to containerize Systemd services?

How can we automatically update running services with Podman?

I also want to show you advanced features for managing container images.

You see, there is plenty to talk about and I am looking forward to another round of Code Mesh. Code Mesh does a wonderful job at bringing people together from various domains in academia and industry to talk about technology and its impact on society. There are plenty of exciting tutorials and talks, and new things to learn, so go register early, join the community and feel welcome to reach out to me if you want to chat about all things containers.

Valentin’s talk is scheduled for 13:35 on the first day of the conference 5 November - tickets are still available from our Eventbrite page



Valentin Rothberg

Valentin Rothberg