PowerUp the BEAM with Kubernetes and Riak Core

At Talkdesk we had the mission of building a highly available and fault-tolerant system that could scale. We built a system that runs in-memory to maintain low response times and we built it in a way to keep the operational costs low and with the capability of auto-scaling.

Ricardo will tell a story about the journey of how we built a critical system using Elixir by merging the power of BEAM with proven and emergent technologies like Riak and Kubernetes.


With so many technologies available, it is not easy to combine and select the best to do the job. I would like to share how we got the right mix and responded to the challenging requirements we set for the system.

At the same time, I would like to show the problems we faced, how our decision process evolved to shape the system to fulfil its goal: to keep a balanced set of actors on top of a dynamic erlang cluster in Kubernetes, while responding under a P99 SLO of a few ms


The talk will be interesting to all users, from beginner to proficient.

I will share the experience and insights on how we could build a system with the demanding goals we set for ourselves.