The Alchemist's Code: Bringing More Value with Less Magic

Every developer has faced this at least once. You return to the code you wrote some time ago and you have no idea what it does. This can be frustrating, especially if said code has just crashed in production. But there is a way of designing applications so they are approachable, even upon first reading. The approach Rafal presents can make software more valuable to customers, allowing for quick response to change. It also benefits other developers, who can easily intuit how to put new features in place.


Showing how choosing proper abstractions that are simple to build and test in isolation, and building complex logic on top of them leads to understandable, extensible software. Demonstrating how built-in Elixir features facilitate such a building process. Presenting the profits of this approach both for the customer and the development team.


Everyone wanting to build maintainable software in Elixir.