Tortoise evolved: MQTT 5 support in the Tortoise MQTT client

MQTT is a light-weight PubSub protocol used for machine to machine communication. It is often used in IoT applications, so it fits well in many Nerves projects.

Tortoise is an MQTT client for Elixir. It started its life as an MQTT 3.1.1 client but is in the progress of getting an upgrade to the latest version of MQTT; version 5.

Martin will introduce MQTT; give an overview of the new features in MQTT 5; how Tortoise is designed to make MQTT easy to work within Elixir, and how MQTT 5 will influence that design.


  • Introduce MQTT
  • Show some use cases
  • Introduce the Elixir MQTT client called Tortoise
  • Talk about how the API of Tortoise came to be, and how changes in the MQTT specification will alter this design. This should be interesting for people implementing protocols and protocol clients in Elixir, as well as answer why Tortoise is the way it is to people who just want to use Tortoise.



  • People interested in Nerves
  • Users of the MQTT protocol, or people interested in using it
  • Users of Tortoise
  • People who implement protocol clients in Elixir


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