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Miriam Pena 24.04.2018

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Miriam Pena

Miriam Pena

Miriam has over 10 years of experience in scalable, high performance, high concurrency, and high availability systems. She is a Staff Engineer at AdRoll in San Francisco, designing critical parts of their Real-Time Bidding infrastructure. Prior to AdRoll, she provided Erlang specialized consultancy and earned her M.S. in Computer Science from La Coruña University in Spain. Voted one of the women to watch in 2018 by Women 2.0 here: https://you.women2.com/12-inspiring-female-staff-engineers-to-watch-b487b39558e1


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Article by Miriam Pena

I personally like Erlang because of the short implementation times, I love how easy it is to make concurrent distributed systems and implement communication protocols. It is less verbose than other languages and so less prone to errors. With its stable API, it is also low maintenance and used to resolve challenging problems. The fact that it is in high demand and you often get to work remotely, are a bonus too.