What’s at Code BEAM Europe 2022 For Elixir Developers

Code Sync Team 08.03.2022

Elixir evangelists rejoice! Code BEAM Europe is back and this year in honour of the language’s 10th birthday, we’re celebrating all things Elixir! Join us for some thought-provoking talks and immersive training experiences by some incredibly talented Elixir developers.

Even for the most seasoned Elixir user, our events provide a healthy shot of inspiration to improve efficiency, performance and productivity. Here are just a few reasons you can’t miss Code BEAM Europe 2022: 

1. Get Under the Hood of Elixir 

Elixir runs on the BEAM Virtual Machine, the same virtual machine as Erlang. Understanding the BEAM, OTP and the principles of concurrency that the Erlang Ecosystem is built upon will help you solve the most complex of problems with ease. Code BEAM brings the Erlang and Elixir communities together to learn from one another, giving you access to a variety of talks to help you understand the foundations that Elixir is built upon so you can better use it to your advantage. 

2. Improve Instant Local Interactions on Your Web Apps

LiveView famously allows developers to create rich interactive web interfaces without writing any lines of JavaScript. However, does this mean that one should ditch JavaScript altogether? Of course not! Web apps require instant local interactions that should never depend on communication with the server, and JavaScript is here to stay. Michal Gibowski and Hamza Belhaj’s talk, LiveView and JavaScript a Guide to Achieving Synergy is a must for anyone regularly building web apps in LiveView.  

3. A Database Experience Designed for Elixir / Phoenix

CRDTs are key ingredients for low latency, collaborative applications. However, typical backend applications require more from their database than just commutativity. Vaxine is a new database system developed in Erlang and Elixir, based on AntidoteDB, that extends CRDTs with invariant safety and makes a CRDT database easy to use from Elixir and Phoenix applications. James Arthur will tell you more about how this database can help you in his talk ‘Vaxine, the Rich-CRDT Database for Elixir/Phoenix Applications.’

4. Learn a New Approach to Programming in Elixir

Flow-based Programming (FBP) is a 50-year-old idea of presenting an application as a network of independent processes (components) exchanging data via message passing. The Actor concurrency model in Erlang, GenServer abstraction, and powerful GenStage library make it extremely easy to implement FBP in Elixir. Join Anton Mishchuk as he presents the advantages of the approach for modelling the application layer of a program while providing examples using the ALF library he created for Elixir.

5. Get a Deeper Understanding of the Actor Model

One big selling point of the BEAM VM (the virtual machine Elixir runs on) is its from-the-ground-up implementation of the Actor model. CSP, another concurrency paradigm, has gained a lot of traction via Go, while also being embraced by Clojure. There is shared heritage between Elixir & Clojure, as well as between Actor model & CSP. However, radical differences between BEAM and JVM inevitably lead to intriguing divergences. Join Xiang Ji’s talk to find out more.

6. The Real Winner is Friendship 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned Code BEAM Europe attendee, there is no doubt that you will make lifelong friends from your Code BEAM Europe experience. Each year hundreds of passionate, like-minded developers join us for two incredible days of talks and networking and this year promises to be just as momentous.

7. Good for you 

Last but not least, travelling has been linked to a few major mental health and wellbeing benefits. Not only that, but it enhances your abilities to solve problems creatively and helps to broaden your mindset. So join us this year in Stockholm, the birthplace of Erlang (which became the foundation of Elixir), and learn a little more about Swedish culture while you’re at it!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, our Early Bird sale is still ongoing! Which means you get all of these benefits for a significant discount! Our early bird sale ends at 23:59 on 29 April. Don’t wait! Reserve your tickets today!


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