Aaron Seigo

Free software hippy with a twist of capitalism.

Aaron is a Canadian expat living in Switzerland who has been developing software professionally for some 25 years. He has been a prominent participant in the Free / Open Source community starting in the late 90's, and was deeply involved in the development and progress of client-side Linux, both as a software architect and community leader. An entrepreneurial spirit, Aaron has founded and run various tech companies during his career with a range of focus points from web traffic analysis to embedded systems, as well as worked at Fortune 500 companies doing original product design and small companies doing software design and development. These days Aaron is focused on distributed computing and scaling to the new multi-core, decentralized, and permissionless systems that are emerging. He currently works at Nomoko, a company whose mission it is to make a digital copy of the planet, and writes Elixir and Erlang code daily as part of that mission.

Past Activities

Aaron Seigo
Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
06 Apr 2018
16.10 - 16.30

Rendering the World: 3D Reconstruction at Global Scale On the BEAM

What does it take to create a high-resolution 3D copy of the planet's surface, ready for data fusion and decentralized access? That's the question we are answering at Nomoko, and this talk looks at the role Elixir plays in powering our mixed CPU/GPU compute clusters, where it provides both concurrency and robustness for the image processing and reconstruction code that is run on them. Zero-configuration clustering strategies and driving hand-written C++/CUDA code with dynamic job queues will be examined in detail.

Talk objectives

Expand people's ideas of what is possible with Elixir (e.g. it isn't just for web apps, chat/game services or Nerves), demystify clustering and native language bindings, and perhaps even inspire others to consider using Elixir in bigger compute roles.

Target audience

Those interested in clustering Elixir applications, native bindings, or just gawking at people pushing at the boundaries of what is generally thought of as typical Elixir use cases.


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Rendering the World - SLIDES - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018

Article by Aaron Seigo

Slides for the Aaron Seigo's talk "Rendering the World: 3D Reconstruction at Global Scale On the BEAM" - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018