Amy Null

Software engineer + open source <3

Amy is a software engineer who enjoys trying to improve developer tooling and infrastructure, as well as building distributed systems in Elixir. 

Past Activities

Amy Null
Code BEAM V America
10 Mar 2021
12.00 - 12.40

Don't try this at home: Rethinking infrastructure with Elixir

The modern, scalable application development process has a lot of moving parts -- deploying code with a tool like Kubernetes, managing hosts with a tool like Saltstack, uploading assets somewhere like S3, message queues like RabbitMQ, plus concerns like service discovery, load balancing, failover, and many more. But these are all treated as separate problems, when they might actually be strongly related. What might things look like if we rethought these problems in a more integrated way, powered by Elixir?


The objective is to provide a brief overview of current application infrastructure and some patterns that can be seen with it, how the different parts are looking at the same problem from a different angle, and how Elixir can be used to bring it all together. While this can be accomplished with most languages, the aim is to highlight how Elixir is suited to a potential solution in this problem space.


Anyone interested in learning more about application infrastructure