Anayeli Malvaez

Backend Developer at SoundTrackYourBrand

Mexican Software Engineer living and working in Sweden. Co-creator of CodigoyFika Youtube channel focussed on delivering tech content in Spanish. Currently, she works at SoundTrackYourBrand, and she has experience working on Elixir apps. Loves teaching and mentoring and considers it a work of heart. 

Past Activities

Manuel Rubio / Laura M. Castro / Brujo Benavides / Anayeli Malvaez / Raúl Chouza / Carlo Gilmar /
Code BEAM America 2021
04 Nov 2021
10.00 - 10.40

Panel discussion on Beamer's modern life ó La vida moderna de un Beamer

This session will host an all spanish-speaking panel to talk about the BEAM; how the platform is currently used and what the future holds for anyone invested in it. Note that this panel will be delivered 98% in spanish.

Esta sesión tendrá como invitados a destacados miembros de la comunidad hispanohablante para discutir sobre BEAM; cómo es que aprovechamos la plataforma al día de hoy y qué es lo que el futuro aguarda para todos los interesados en ella. Manejaremos español durante gran parte de la sesión para la comunidad.

Pedro Hernandez / Anayeli Malvaez
Code BEAM STO 2019
17 May 2019
10.35 - 11.20

Building the tomorrow classroom with Elixir

Bunsan is Mexican software company running with 100% remote employees. We care about continuous learning and found out that remote working platforms and collaboration tools won't cover all the features we expected, because they are too broad or too specific. So we are building Tich to bring the best experience for students and instructors into a virtual classroom using awesome technologies like Elixir, Phoenix Channels, Janus WebRTC, Vue.js, Elm and Apple Pencil.


  • Show how Bunsan built a real-time education platform with Elixir/Phoenix
  • Show the power of Phoenix Channels in mobile and web platforms
  • Explain the challenges to building a real-time whiteboard using The Apple Pencil
  • Show how the application communicates with RabbitMQ and Janus
  • Share our experience working with Elixir along with Elm and Vue.js


Developers interested in building video-conference platforms with Elixir or interested in see phoenix channels in action.