André Fatton

VerneMQ Cofounder (Erlio)


Past Activities

André Fatton
Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
06 Apr 2018
14.40 - 15.20

More message brokers? The story of VerneMQ

There are subtle problems in the specification of any IP based message protocol. Add stateful sessions, message persistence or even distribution over a cluster, and things get much more complex quickly. Erlang/OTP is still the best approach to build such an infrastructure, but we need to add some smart ideas and make some trade-offs. Surprisingly, there's still a lot to explore and learn in this space, at least for me.

Talk objectives:

Explain why we focused on MQTT and built VerneMQ to bring distributed messaging to a protocol that wasn't necessarily made for it.

Target audience:

Anyone interested in IoT and the subtle problems of messaging at large scale.