Anna Neyzberg

Developer, Co-founder of ElixirBridge (Carbon Five)

Anna Neyzberg is a San Francisco native who has done a lot of work in the ruby community in SF and currently sits on the board of RailsBridge. She has taken this community organizing experience and last year co-founded ElixirBridge in SF- an organization that offers free weekend long workshops, with the goal of creating an inclusive welcoming space for underrepresented populations in tech to learn elixir. By day she works as a Developer at Carbon Five. When not in front of a keyboard, she is trying to get better at climbing rocks.

Anna Neyzberg's talk:

Crypto + concurrency

What is Crypto? Why should we care? And why Elixir? This talk explains how Cryptocurrencies work and why they are valuable. Then we build are own cryptocurrency in Elixir - gaining insight into why Elixir is an interesting option for the blockchain. 


Explaining Cryptocurrency, and explaining how some of the powerful features of OTP lend themselves well to the blockchain


Individuals that are new to cryptocurrency and are new to Elixir

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Crypto + Concurrency - Code BEAM SF 2018