Anthony Molinaro

Architecture (OpenX, Inc.)

Anthony Molinaro has been developing large-scale distributed systems since the late 90s in many languages and environments. First at, a pioneering company in search advertising, where he helped to develop many of the core serving pieces in Java, C and Perl. After changed its name to and was acquired by Yahoo!, Anthony spent 5 years working on the content match advertising system written in C. Upon leaving Yahoo! in 2008 he joined a small startup that used Erlang exclusively and extensively. Later in 2009, Anthony was hired by OpenX where he has since introduced Erlang and spearheaded its use across a large portion of OpenX’s Global Digital Revenue Platform.

Anthony Molinaro's talk:

Packaging for Production

The final step in any successful release of Erlang (or Elixir) software is getting the release artifact(s) onto production machines. There are currently many ways this can be accomplished. This talk investigates some of the current approaches I've encountered, addresses some of the ways I've gone about this over the last 10 years, and introduces the different tools used. The primary focus will be on creating system packages (e.g. deb or rpm packages), but will touch on other packaging techniques.


Providing developers with the right tools and information to package their Erlang/Elixir productions into operationalized artifacts.


Developers wondering how to take their Erlang code to production.


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Packaging for Production - Code BEAM SF 2018

Packaging for Production - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018
Anthony Molinaro

Slides from Anthony Molinaro's talk "Packaging for Production" - Code BEAM SF 2018