Arif Ishaq

Arif Ishaq

Erlang Evangelist

Arif worked in the oil industry and then in Telecoms where he took it upon himself to be an Erlang evangelist. He pushed hard to implement challenging Erlang projects, that were assumed to be non-feasible by others. He is currently employed as a Product Manager in Athonet's R&D department.

Past Activities

Arif Ishaq
Code BEAM Lite Italy 2019
22 Mar 2019
12.55 - 13.15

Developing desktop GUIs with wxErlang

Desktop GUIs still have their uses. The Erlang distribution contains some useful tools that are good examples. Despite being very rich however, wxErlang  binding is perceived to be daunting. This need not be so, especially if we get to appreciate the power of OTP combined with wxWidgets. Constructing widgets that can be treated as gen_servers. We can create hundreds or thousands of them, all communicating directly to other Erlang processes, simplifying the construction of GUIs.


To demonstrate that it's not difficult to develop GUI applications with wxErlang and that the combination of wxWidgets with OTP is really powerful.


Intermediate Erlang programmers who easily buy into the idea that GUI can only be done with Java or on the web. And to people who are curious how GUIs can be done in Erlang