Dario Freddi

Qt/C++ coder turned to Elixir and passionate about devops (Ispirata)

I started as a Qt/KDE developer many many years ago, and done several other things since then, among which exploring a lot of different technologies and programming languages, speaking at several conferences about the most random topics and contributing to a number of cool Open Source projects. In between all of this, I also founded a company. Currently hooked on Elixir and Kubernetes.

Past Activities

Dario Freddi
Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
06 Apr 2018
12.20 - 12.40

Deploying Elixir/Erlang applications to Kubernetes - the right way

Kubernetes is gaining more and more traction, carrying the promise of self-healing, infinite scalability and even more. The obvious catch is, of course, the fact that the application must be built accordingly. Most of the times, developers tend to just throw their containers at Kubernetes and expect it to do what it takes: turns out K8S is a very powerful yet complicated beast, and the application needs to do something more to harness its capabilities.

In this talk we'll get around what it takes to make your Elixir/Erlang applications as Kubernetes-friendly as possible, starting from very simple, stateless apps to complex, stateful clusters, and we'll see how Kubernetes, once set up properly, can be your best buddy when it comes to distributing, maintaining and scaling your application.

Even though the talk will focus on Elixir, all notions and principles can be applied in the very same way to Erlang.

Talk objectives

Make the audience aware of what it takes to get Erlang/Elixir applications running on K8S, share some best practices, analyse the caveats of running an Erlang cluster on K8S. 

Target audience

Elixir/Erlang developers willing to make their applications ready to be deployed to Kubernetes. For the audience with a basic Kubernetes knowledge.


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Deploying Elixir/Erlang applications to Kubernetes - SLIDES - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018

Article by Dario Freddi

Slides for the Dario Freddi's talk "Deploying Elixir/Erlang applications to Kubernetes - the right way" - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018