Gabriel Kolawole

Platform Developer @ Coingaming

Gabriel is a software developer based in Tallinn, Estonia, originally from Nigeria. He was awarded a Masters degree in software engineering from the prestigious University of Tartu, Estonia.

Gabriel is experienced from building services across telecommunication to e-commerce and currently working in the e-gaming industry.

Outside of coding he enjoys playing basketball and singing karaoke with the family.

Past Activities

Gabriel Kolawole
Code BEAM Lite Virtual
03 Apr 2020
17.05 - 17.30

Building Game Engines in Elixir

This talk demonstrates the goodness of what Elixir and the OTP platform has to offer when it comes to building game engines/gaming platforms. Gabriel will be sharing his experiences in developing and supporting an Elixir gaming engine/platform in production.


The talk is aimed at informing participants about;

  • How to implement business solutions based on erlang processes (Genserver)
  • Orchestrating Genservers and Supervisors
  • Best practices for working with processes
  • Debugging process-related problems/bugs with adverse effect on host machine resource e.g Memory, CPU.
  • How to build a game engine with Elixir.


Talk is targeted for Elixir developers at beginner or an intermediate level.