Garrett Smith

Founder Guild AI, deep learning engineer and teacher

Garrett Smith is the founder of Guild AI, an open source package management and automation tool for machine learning models. Garrett specialises in AI application development, bringing together experts in statistics, deep learning, programming, accelerated computing and operations. 

Prior to founding Guild AI, Garrett led the PaaS division at CloudBees, which hosted tens of thousands of production applications and databases. Garrett is a frequent speaker and instructor in the fields of AI and software engineering.

Past Activities

Garrett Smith
Code Mesh LDN 2018
08 Nov 2018
13.40 - 14.25

Introduction to AI engineering

The field of AI engineering has emerged over the last several years, fueled by breakthroughs in applied machine learning, computational acceleration, and supporting software frameworks. While similar to traditional software development disciplines, AI engineering requires additional roles, skill sets, and techniques that make it challenging to implement successfully in organizations unfamiliar with AI.

In this talk, Garrett Smith, founder of Guild AI, will discuss the process of creating AI applications and the roles involved, with an emphasis on software engineering. Garrett will highlight the key differences between AI application development and traditional programming. If you or your organisation is interested in building AI competency, this talk will give you an outline for understanding and approaching the various problems you will face.


To introduce the field of AI engineering, describing its many facets and differences to traditional software development.


Software engineers and managers interested in building AI applications.