Geoffrey Lessel

Elixir Lover and Author of Phoenix in Action (Planning Center)

Author of Phoenix in Action. Web Developer for 15+ years with Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Phoenix.

Past Activities

Geoffrey Lessel
Code BEAM SF 2018
15 Mar 2018
17.15 - 17.40

Gently Down the Stream

Elixir provides the concept of enumerables, allowing you to transform, sort, group, filter and retrieve items using functions in the enum module. As an alternative to Enum, Elixir provides the Stream module which supports lazy operations. This talk will give an overview of the Stream module. We'll go into depth with some examples of when to and when not to use Stream over Enum. This talk may go into some code diving to explore how Stream does it's thing.


Educate the user when it is appropriate to use Stream vs Enum


Intermediate developers who know how to use Enum already, but may not have explored Stream.


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Gently Down the Stream - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018

Article by Geoffrey Lessel

Slides from Geoffrey Lessel's talk "Gently Down the Stream" - Code BEAM SF 2018


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