Gonçalo Tomás

NOVA University of Lisbon

Gonçalo Tomás is a distributed systems enthusiast, and has dabbled with eventual consistency, CRDTs and various data replication strategies. He is currently finishing his MSc. at NOVA University of Lisbon, working on a new benchmark for distributed databases written in Erlang.

During the 2 years of his master's he participated in the Google Summer of Code programme for the BEAM community.

Past Activities

Gonçalo Tomás
Code BEAM Lite Munich 2018
07 Dec 2018
11.55 - 12.35

From custom tests to common test

The Riak database remains a paragon for the type of applications that can be developed using Erlang. Even after the demise of its parent company, Basho, many projects continue to use its core to build large scale and robust distributed systems. A group of previous Riak users and developers has risen to help move the database forward and has started to address several long-lived issues.

This talk reports on the progress of a Google Summer of Code project that tackled Riak Test: a key component to running Riak integration tests. In our work, we replaced the existing custom test runner that had several issues by the standard Common Test framework. We also discuss, based on our experience, on how companies that use Erlang or Elixir, can effectively leverage the Google Summer of Code programme to advance their development, manage resources more efficiently, and bridge Erlang's tough learning curve by pairing students with more experienced developers.