Hideki Takase

Embedded/IoT Researcher

Hideki Takase is an Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo, and also a PRESTO researcher at Japan Society and Technology Agency. His research interest includes runtime platform and system-level design methodology for embedded/real-time/IoT computing. He belongs to some tech communities, such as NervesJP, ROS Japan Users Group, IoT ALGYAN, hls-friends, TOPPERS project. He is a member of Embedded and EPC Working Groups in Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

Past Activities

Hideki Takase
Code BEAM America 2021
05 Nov 2021
10.30 - 10.55

Rclex: A Library for Robotics to meet Elixir

How do we install the magic of Elixir into robot systems? One of the solutions is "Rclex", that is a client library for ROS 2 platform. ROS (Robot Operating System) provides publish/subscribe based messaging mechanism between robot modules with the DDS (Data Distribution Service) stack. We suggest that the force of Erlang/Elixir can power up the scalability of ROS 2 communication. This talk will introduce how did we integrate ROS 2 and Elixir by using NIFs, and discuss the possibility of this library in the IoT field.


The audience will learn about a new library that bridges robotics and Elixir, and will be able to practice a new development style of robot systems.


  • An alchemist who wants to construct robot systems.
  • A robotics engineer who thinks the robot development should be functional.