Irina Guberman

Principal Product Architect (Xaptum)

Software Engineer and Architect since 1997. Conference speaker.

Past conferences

Irina Guberman
Code BEAM SF 2018
15 Mar 2018
15.30 - 15.55

High Performance Metrics Through Mutable Counters: A Bite of the Forbidden Fruit

Talk about design and motivation for high performance metrics library in Erlang developed by Xaptum using mutable counters -- based on and inspired by oneup app.


Introduce new Erlang library


Erlang developers working with high throughput applications.


Videos: 4

High Performance Metrics Through Mutable Counters - Code BEAM SF 2018 /// Irina Guberman

Empowering Devices for IoT with Erlang and FPGA - Irina Guberman /// Irina Guberman

Modern Abstractions and the Web, and Avoiding Pitfalls Because Life is Short - Irina Guberman /// Irina Guberman

Erlang Factory SF 2015 - Irina Guberman - Maximizing Throughput on Multicore Systems /// Irina Guberman