James Fish

Software Engineer (Pinterest)

James is a software engineer at Pinterest, where he works on the service framework. He is a member of the Elixir and Ecto core teams and a prolific open source contributor. When not answering questions in Elixir's Elixir IRC channel channel he enjoys baking, 5-a-side soccer and pinning photos of poodle crossbreeds.

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Starting from first principles we will investigate how to design reliable OTP applications. We will cover links and monitors, and how and why they are used by OTP to handle process dependencies. Then we will cover Supervisors and go through the guarantees provided by each strategy. Finally we will put this together to build supervision trees that isolate errors and recover systems to a good state with minimal side effects. This session will involve adding fault tolerance to existing applications and implementing our own versions of a few OTP features, including writing a basic supervisor.

Students are expected to be familiar with the Elixir language and understand the basics of Tasks, Agents and GenServers. Some knowledge of Supervisors is welcome but not essential. A laptop with Elixir 1.6 (or newer) and Erlang/OTP 19 (or newer) is required.

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