Justin Schneck

Co-Author of Nerves

Justin is in a constant state of wanting to make the world around him bend to his imagination. At one time he wondered how hard it would be to start his motorcycle from his phone. Rewiring the motorcycle and writing an interface was easy, but connecting it all together proved to be a challenge. A challenge that would define his career. That invisible, often impenetrable layer in the air between all the hardware in the world has become his stomping ground. Hardware is hard, so he’s been working on nerves to make it easy.

Currently he is working as a Project Software Engineering Fellow at Very.


Past Activities

Frank Hunleth / Amos King / Justin Schneck
Code BEAM V America
12 Mar 2021
11.55 - 12.35

Fireside chat on Nerves with Frank Hunleth, Justin Schneck and Amos King

Join us for a fireside chat with Frank Hunleth and Justin Schneck where Amos King leads a “how it started...how it’s going” interview with the two co-authors of the Nerves project. Nerves uses the BEAM to help both industrial and recreational users create robust and fault tolerant embedded systems while enjoying the friendly environs of the Elixir and Erlang languages. Come enjoy and participate in a discussion of what makes the Nerves community great and get all the inside jokes.