Konrad Zemek

Smuggling C++ code into distributed Erlang projects (Erlang Solutions)

Konrad is a software engineer at Erlang Solutions, where he is an Erlang consultant and MongooseIM core team member. He has experience, as a technical leader, architect and team member with scaling and (globally) distributing concurrent systems. Konrad works primarily with Erlang, although he likes to sprinkle his work with various other languages.

Past Activities

Konrad Zemek / Piotr Nosek
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
16.15 - 17.00

Global scale messaging

The talk will explain one of MongooseIM's new features - Global Distribution. What is the use case it implements? How does it compare with standard XMPP intercluster routing? And most importantly - why does this extension work so well, thanks to Erlang!


Promote transparent approach for routing XMPP packets between data centres.