László Bácsi

Elixir contributor, Documentation EEF group member and 100Starlings partner

Laszlo has been interested in technology and programming from a young age. He started out professionally with Ruby and co-founded the budapest.rb Ruby meetup. He now works mostly with Elixir and also tries to spend time contributing to it and the community. He is also happily married and has two boys and a dog.

Past Activities

László Bácsi
Code BEAM Lite Budapest
20 Sep 2019
12.20 - 12.40

Documentation as a first-class citizen on the BEAM

Documentation has always been an integral part of Elixir. It is simple to include documentation with your code and build high quality and accessible online access to it with ex_doc. This comes out of the box. The same is not always true of other BEAM languages. This talk will explore the motivation behind good documentation in Elixir and how its current implementation paves the way for better inter-operability between BEAM languages.


First, we are going to explore what was the motivation behind good documentation, and how the same problem is solved in some other languages. Then, we will move on to explore the internals of how documentation is stored on the BEAM and what you can do with it. Lastly, we will look at the efforts being done to bring the same simplicity to all of the BEAM languages, including first-class documentation of Erlang and OTP itself.


People interested in documentation, language internals, and inter-operability between BEAM languages.