Luca Dei Zotti

Developer at Athonet S.r.l.

Born in 1986, starts playing with computers early thanks to his father. Actually, will probably not understand a thing until high school (ITIS, computer science), then forgets again everything while studying (again, computer science) at University of Udine for the first three years and Padua for the last two. Joins Athonet for the thesis, and remains there trying to remember how to develop software. Still trying.

Past Activities

Luca Dei Zotti
Code BEAM Lite Italy 2019
22 Mar 2019
17.15 - 17.35

Back to basics: an introduction to Diameter

How an inexperienced BEAM developer wrote the simplest network element ever using Elixir and OTP, with a brief introduction to Diameter protocol.


Learn what Diameter is, how it is approached in OTP and how to use it in a basic way with Elixir.


Interested in telco and in OTP's original but less known features.