Luca Succi

Creator of ROSiE

Luca is a young Erlang developer and tech enthusiast.

He's the developer behind the ROSiE project. He recently finished his studies and is eager to get his hands dirty. With zero professional experience, Luca tortured himself with over-complicated projects during his studies... like writing a CUDA fluid simulation, a Vulkan Ray-Tracing Engine, an Online Video Game and a GUI for GIT. In his free time, Luca likes to play games and consume huge quantities of MEMEs.

Past Activities

Luca Succi
Code BEAM Europe 2022
20 May 2022
13.40 - 14.25

ROSiE the Robot Operating System in Erlang

ROSiE is a pure Erlang implementation of ROS (Robot Operating System).
No matter where from cloud to robots at the edge: use Erlang or any other language on the BEAM to interact with the ROS ecosystem with the help of ROSiE.
It’s fully interoperable with existing ROS2 Robots with all the scalability, concurrency, distribution, and fault-tolerance of the BEAM.
ROS2 builds on the DDS data connectivity protocol which is used in many industries besides robotics. ROSiE therefore also provides a standalone DDS protocol stack.
It also features dedicated Rebar3 plugins, to integrate Erlang projects with the official ROS2 distributions.
There will be a demo with robots and GRiSP boards running ROS2 and ROSiE Nodes. You will see some hot code upgrade while robots are in action.
This project is funded by the EEF.


Explain all the possibilities opened up by ROSiE.
Talk about how ROSiE works and how to work with it.
Show the advantages and strengths of ROSiE over ROS2.
Demonstrate the reliability of a code-hot-swap operation on a Robot inside a ROS network, only possible with Erlang and a ROSiE Robot.


Any developer or company working with the BEAM that could have any interest in ROBOTICS.
Anyone that would like a Pub-Sub protocol-stack for Erlang since ROSiE includes the first Erlang implementation of DDS.