Marc Worrell

Creator of Zotonic, the Erlang CMS

Marc Worrell specialises in web-based systems, realising projects through pragmatic yet innovative solutions.

He has an extensive background in a wide field of information technology, ranging from social websites and multimedia databases to generating assemblers for embedded systems.

Marc's main interests are elegance in software systems, scaling, and efficiency of websites.

Past Activities

Marc Worrell
Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam
28 Nov 2019
09.55 - 10.15

Meta-programming in Erlang: Zotonic's template- and dispatch compilers

Zotonic does just-in-time compilation of templates and dispatch rules. Both compile their definitions to Erlang modules. In this talk we will take a dive into these reusable parts, see how they work, what makes them different from ErlyDTL et al, and how you can use them in your projects.


Practical introduction to meta-programming using merl and syntax_tools.


Intermediate and proficient Erlang & Elixir users wanting to explore meta-programming or looking for a fast templating system or dispatcher in their projects.

Marc Worrell
Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2018
30 Nov 2018
10.00 - 10.20

Turning Zotonic inside out — secured MQTT everywhere

MQTT is an efficient publish/subscribe protocol and Zotonic is the Erlang Content Management System and Framework.

Learn how MQTT enables exciting new possibilities for Zotonic: independent web workers inside the browser; a simple client/server and client/client communication channel; extending server models; and for creating a uniform programming model for the API, IoT, web-clients, and HTML-templates.

Discover how end-to-end encryption of MQTT messages, enables secure topic-based communication.


Introduce Zotonic and understand how MQTT can be used for (secure) communication between components and systems.