Matteo Brancaleoni

Software Engineer (VoiSmart Srl)

It was my father's fault. When in 1989 he bought me a Commodore 64, but I did not had any video games. So I learned programming and never stopped doing it. Working as a software engineer since 18 years, specialized in the telco industry. I really like being a developer because is possible to build things that yesterday were not deemed possible.

Past Activities

Matteo Brancaleoni
Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018
06 Apr 2018
10.00 - 10.40

Building a video conference controller with Elixir

A video collaboration controller needs to coordinate several elements of a rich-media conversation, like instant messages, webRTC audio/video streams and several other messages to make users aware of what is going in on their meeting room. It should handle client failures gracefully and be resilient to external errors that may crash one room, without interfering with others. It should also be able to go distributed for failover/load balancing purposes. This talk will cover our quest to create and deliver such application in 6 months with Elixir.

Talk objectives

Provide an overview of how a complex product may be split in subcomponents, the coordination between them, testing the whole stuff and why the 'T' in OTP really stands for telecom.

Target audience

Anyone interested in complex, real life, telecom applications written in Elixir.


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Building a video conference controller with Elixir - SLIDES - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018

Article by Matteo Brancaleoni

Slides for the Matteo Brancaleoni's talk "Building a video conference controller with Elixir" - Code BEAM Lite Milan 2018