Max Nordlund

Lead Backend Developer at Kivra

Max got introduced to Erlang and his current job at Kivra and fell in love with the robustness of OTP. Before that he has worked with most popular dynamic programming languages, and even managed to sneak in some Elixir at a Ruby on Rails shop.

Outside work he plays board games, preferably silly ones, and does scouting. To be a scout leader means you get to talk to kids and young adults and see them grow. The best part is when you get to follow someone and see how they form their own identity and pave their own path. Sometimes they even get to be your scout leader colleagues.

Past Activities

Max Nordlund
Code BEAM Europe 2022
20 May 2022
13.40 - 14.25

Testing Done PropEr

What's better than writing tests? Having the computer write them for you. Well, at least teach the computer what it can do and let it loose to try to shake out any flaws.

This talk is about PropEr, a property-based testing framework, and more specifically about its support for testing state machines. I'll whet your appetite by introducing property-based testing, and then take a deep dive into PropEr statem and how you can use it to test state machines.


Give the audience an overview of what PropEr statem is/does, and how to approach writing their own tests using it.


Erlang developers wanting to learn about property based testing in general, and PropEr statem testing in particular.