Melvin Cedeno

Developer, SmartLogic

Melvin has been coding for a couple years now, he went to the Turing School of software and design. He started learning Elixir about 3 years ago, and he loves it. He has spent many weekends teaching Intro to Elixir classes to dozens of junior developers. He loves teaching.

Past Activities

Melvin Cedeno
Code BEAM V America
11 Mar 2021
11.50 - 12.30

Teaching Functional Programming With Elixir

This will be a talk about what I've learned from teaching functional programming with Elixir. I've taught over a dozen classes with the class room size averaging between 15-25 people. I'll be going over what Ive learned, and how I go about getting folks over their blockers. How to manage a class remotely, how to keep folks engaged, what material I've found to benefit people the most. You'll walk away with some insights to help to train new developers transition into the wonderful language that is elixir.