Michal Gibowski

Engineering Team Lead at Andjaro

Michal was born in Poland and currently lives in Tenerife. He has nearly 15 years of professional experience in software development. Michal spends his days helping large organizations to efficiently and fairly address their staffing needs via the Andjaro platform.

Past Activities

Michal Gibowski / Hamza Belhaj
Code BEAM Europe 2022
19 May 2022
13.50 - 14.35

LiveView and JavaScript. A Guide to Achieving Synergy

LiveView famously allows developers to create rich interactive web interfaces without writing any line of JavaScript. However, does this mean one should ditch JavaScript altogether? Of course not! Web apps require instant local interactions that should never depend on communication with the server, and JavaScript is here to stay.
In this talk, we will go through built-in LiveView JS mechanisms, integration with AlpineJS, and how to effectively use LiveView together with full-blown frameworks like VueJS on the same page in scenarios where this makes sense.


Teach participants how to:
- use LiveView built-in JS commands,
- use AlpineJS and have 2-way data binding between client and server,
- use VueJS-based UI components on LiveView pages.

Beginning and intermediate web developers.