Michał Śledź

One of the authors of WebRTC implementation in Elixir

Michał is one of the developers working on the first WebRTC implementation in Elixir. He is interested in multimedia and network stuff.

Past Activities

Michał Śledź
Code BEAM America 2021
04 Nov 2021
10.00 - 10.40

WebRTC redefined - a new SFU API for Elixir from Membrane Framework.

Creating video conferencing systems has always been challenging. While the most used standard - WebRTC requires from the user quite a deep understanding of what is going on under the hood, the new abstraction layer created in Membrane Framework allows us to hide all the low level, network connected things. 

During this talk, I will go through the new SFU API and how it makes the developer experience much easier, both when creating a new Phoenix application and integrating with existing systems. 


Presentation of the new SFU API and its usage.


Everyone who is interested in designing APIs, abstraction layers or is willing to create or integrate a video conferencing platform with its existing system.