Mikhail Vorontsov

Mikhail Vorontsov

Lead developer / team lead (WhatsApp)

Mikhail spent 8 years processing stock exchange data using core Java and blogging about Java performance ( http://java-performance.info/ ). Yet, when contacted by WhatsApp, he didn't hesitate and joined WhatsApp server team. Next 2 years he was mastering Erlang performance tuning and had a lot of fun optimizing WhatsApp push notifications system. Nowadays Mikhail is busy building ForgETS - Mnesia replacement for the virtual server environments supporting global replication.

Past Activities

Mikhail Vorontsov
Code BEAM STO 2018
31 May 2018
10.45 - 11.30

ForgETS: a globally distributed database

ForgETS is a globally distributed, replicated in-memory, database collocated with business logic. It allows WhatsApp to have globally replicated datasets with optional disk persistence collocated with our business logic, which provides zero latency data access allowing WhatsApp to sustain temporary network and server outages. ForgETS' design is based on Mnesia with additional support for:

1) network blips and subsequent auto reconciliation

2) explicit support for globally replicated datasets which enforces different replication/reconciliation rules across different regions

3) easier schema management allowing to user to add more servers into the cluster by means of configuration files updates


Tools everyone needs for building and running an Erlang server - a reflection on using Erlang at WhatsApp