Niko Tsikoudis

Software engineer at Datometry

Niko is enjoying coding in Erlang for Hyper-Q, a hypervisor platform for databases that make existing applications instantly interoperable with modern cloud data warehouse technology. Prior to joining Datometry Niko got a Ph.D. in computer science from Brandeis University where he designed and developed efficient techniques for scalable, high-performance snapshot analysis for data stores.

Past Activities

Marc Sugiyama / Niko Tsikoudis
Code BEAM America 2021
03 Nov 2021
11.15 - 11.55

When you have to make it faster

Our product, Hyper-Q, enables modern cloud data warehouses to emulate Teradata, aiding with the migration of on-premises solutions to the cloud. Hyper-Q translates existing applications' queries in real-time to run natively in the cloud and converts data received from the cloud into the format needed by the application.

We recently missed service level agreements with a customer because our product, Hyper-Q, added significant overhead to a data warehouse application. Through careful investigation, using profilers, continuous improvement, and focused engineering considering Erlang characteristics, we doubled our performance and improved system scalability. This talk describes the steps and techniques we used to understand where to focus our engineering efforts and beat our service level agreements.