Osa Gaius

Engineer Focused on Product and Distributed Systems - Mailchimp

Osa Gaius is a Software Engineer at Mailchimp. Previously, he was an engineer at Luma, where he worked on realtime web apps and IoT devices in Elixir. He organizes the Elixir Meetup in Atlanta, where he educates newcomers to Elixir using interactive workshops. In his free time, Osa crafts EDM instrumentals and dances Tango.

Past Activities

Osa Gaius
Code Elixir LDN
18 Jul 2019
12.50 - 13.10

Resisting Object-Oriented Programming

This talk argues that the social costs of functional programming are due to that fact that object-oriented programming maintains hegemony. It charts the rise of object-oriented programming’s hegemony. It then examines instances of hegemonic power, most notably in technical interviews and accepted design patterns. Lastly, this talk offers code translation as one strategy for counter-hegemonic resistance.


To demonstrate the dominance of OOP languages and provide strategies to counter it.

Osa Gaius
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
09.05 - 09.50

A genealogy of Functional Programming

Members of the Erlang and Elixir communities often receive the question: "why should I use this language?" The answer to this nuanced question remains elusive, because the answer is not primarily technical.

This talk provides a history of functional programming, of Erlang and Elixir more specifically. It begins with Lambda Calculus, and charts a path to the present moment. This talk argues that the future success of Erlang and Elixir will be marked by how we learn from the history of functional programming. More importantly, this talk presents a strategy for increasing language adoption, which centers around community-building, based on real-world experiences and historical analysis.