Parker Selbert

Elixir Enthusiast, Author of Oban, Partner @ Soren

Parker Selbert is a developer with a passion for building things both virtual and physical. He is the creator of the Oban job processor and a partner in Soren, a tiny husband and wife consultancy based outside Chicago.

Parker's website: https://sorentwo.com

Past Activities

Parker Selbert
Code BEAM V America
12 Mar 2021
11.05 - 11.45

The Architecture of Oban

Oban is an Elixir job processing system backed by PostgreSQL for persistence and coordination. It stands on the shoulders of giants, blending OTP and PostgreSQL into a tool that's uniquely possible on the BEAM.

Together we'll explore how Oban composes components of Elixir and OTP to enable powerful features such as job isolation, dynamic scaling, in-flight job cancelling, safe timeouts and graceful shutdown. We'll also investigate how support for plugins and telemetry integration makes Oban so extensible that a paid product was built on top of it without any special handling. Come take a look under the hood of a dynamic, scalable and reliable job processor made possible by the BEAM.