Pawel Antemijczuk

Your Local Erlangelist (Issuu)

Pawel has been an Erlanger since he started working at Motorola Solutions Denmark in 2012 and championed the language throughout his career, touching every aspect of the product along the way. He has led the Erlang team at Motorola for almost two years and has now joined Issuu, where he is learning the intricacies of web development. Originally Polish, he has lived in Denmark since 2011.

Past Activities

Pawel Antemijczuk
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
12.15 - 12.40

Thin layer or how to connect it all

One of the key components of the infrastructure architecture at Issuu is the Thin Layer. The little piece of Erlang code allowed us complete freedom in creating a microservice-oriented architecture. By converting HTTP requests to AMQP messages it allows anyone to create a microservice at any moment and not worry about routing or load balancing. We believe others would benefit from such architecture and would like to present it to the BEAM community.


Present the Thin Layer to the community as we are planning to open source it. Gather feedback and ideas for possible improvements.