Raúl Chouza

Elixir Programmer at Erlang Solutions

While in a desk Raúl spends time programming elixir and experimenting with the language; he developed a crave for "contract programming" and has been exploring the paradigm in elixir; wants to learn a new medium-low level language, but is yet undecided.

Otherwise he's a recent dad; enjoys playing solo videogames and collecting board game conflict simulations; loves trying out traditional food and having friends over dinner. Operates from Tijuana, México from where he was born and lives.

Past Activities

Manuel Rubio / Laura M. Castro / Brujo Benavides / Anayeli Malvaez / Raúl Chouza / Carlo Gilmar /
Code BEAM America 2021
04 Nov 2021
10.00 - 10.40

Panel discussion on Beamer's modern life ó La vida moderna de un Beamer

This session will host an all spanish-speaking panel to talk about the BEAM; how the platform is currently used and what the future holds for anyone invested in it. Note that this panel will be delivered 98% in spanish.

Esta sesión tendrá como invitados a destacados miembros de la comunidad hispanohablante para discutir sobre BEAM; cómo es que aprovechamos la plataforma al día de hoy y qué es lo que el futuro aguarda para todos los interesados en ella. Manejaremos español durante gran parte de la sesión para la comunidad.

Raúl Chouza
Code BEAM V America
11 Mar 2021
12.40 - 13.20

Contract Programming with Elixir

How can we ensure that the data we pipe through a system passes the checks? Has the expected shape? Behaves correctly? The Elixir language already ships with some niceties to keep our interactions safe, but when this is not enough the library ecosystem offers a wide range of tactics.

This is an exploration of what is available, and what can we look up to.


Leverage the "fail fast" and "let it crash" philosophy of erlang to contracts and explore its possibilities within the BEAM.


Beginner, Intermediate; individuals interested in specification, correctness or handling errors in programs.