Rob Ashton

(Barely) Functional Developer

Rob has spent about a decade of building software commercially in a plethora of languages and technologies as well as leading enterprise teams, engaging in the odd spot of consultancy and travelling around as a jobless wanderer whilst learning all the way along.

Now he can be found mostly writing Erlang and Purescript, building distributed media delivery systems for a small B2B company in the UK and also helping to develop an ecosystem around Purerl for the masses.

Past Activities

Rob Ashton
Code Mesh LDN
07 Nov 2019
11.25 - 12.10

Purescript on the BEAM; typed OTP for greatness

After nearly a decade of writing our software in Erlang, our codebases have started getting unwieldy despite our best efforts to manage this through other disciplinary methods. (That and dialyzer, but there are limits!)

So we did what any sensible company would do, and hired "the Purerl guy" and set about working out how we could use the Purescript to Erlang compiler he'd written to help us with this. To that end since, we have already shipped two products and quietly open sourced a selection of the libraries we have built on top of Purerl to support those endeavours.

In this session we'll start by looking at the super happy path (our ideal world) for end-to-end Purescript before going into detail on how some of it is implemented, the weak spots and pitfalls currently present and some of the huge hacks that are possible when using Purescript FFI to bind against "native Erlang" libraries.






To get people excited about Purescript on the BEAM


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