Tiago Duarte

CEO of Coletiv Studio

Software Engineer by heart, Tiago started his career on the front-end side. During the first years he jumped between web and iOS development, until a friend showed him Elixir. Since then, he has slowly been converted to the backend side. Tiago is also the founder of Coletiv, a software development company, that teams up with companies of all sizes to design, develop and launch digital products for iOS, Android and the web. Needless to say that all backend code is written in Elixir/Erlang.

Past Activities

Tiago Duarte
Code BEAM Lite Italy 2019
22 Mar 2019
15.15 - 15.35

How we scraped and aggregated data from multiple sources using OTP

OTP concurrency and fault tolerance capabilities are well known by the community. In this talk we will show the different approaches we took on a real project, to constantly scrape and aggregate data from multiple sources and feed that data into a dashboard.


The objective of this talk is to illustrate some of the OTP capabilities (GenServers, Supervision Trees, concurrency and fault tolerance) on a real project that is currently in production. This talk will show 2 different approaches took to scrape and aggregate data from different sources and the problems had on each of the solutions.


This talk is helpful for any developer currently thinking of making use of GenServers in their projects.